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3 Protein Bars We Love for Weight Loss

Mar 22, 2022

By Stephanie Sisk APRN, Certified Specialist in Obesity and Weight Management

We love protein! If you haven't jumped on the protein bandwagon yet, protein helps to suppress your ghrelin or "hunger hormone". At Prevail, this is why we focus on eating protein with every snack and meal to help and control your hunger throughout the day.

Protein bars can be an easy and healthy snack and a great way to get your protein in, but we aren't going to lie, some taste like cardboard. 😕  

If you've struggled with finding a protein bar that actually tastes good - try these! 

1. FitCrunch Chocolate Peanut Butter by Robert Irvine.

There are multiple flavors but hands down the chocolate peanut butter is where it's at! These can be found is most grocery stores over by the pharmacy and other health and protein products. If you can't find them at your local store, you'll definitely find them on Amazon.

2. Nature Valley Protein Bars

These can be found at most grocery stores in the cereal aisle and this is the ONLY bar I typically recommend in that aisle. Many of the other bars claiming to be protein bars are loaded with sugar so beware. They aren't as high in protein as what I would call "real" protein bars, but these babies have a combination of protein and fiber (both help with hunger - bonus!) and taste great. 

I recommend trying the salted caramel or dark chocolate almond!

3. Built Bars

If you've tried every protein bar and just hate the taste OR you're looking for something that tastes like candy... Here you go! 

Built bars have a chewy, non-grainy, consistency that I've never seen in any other protein bar. It makes it seem more like a candy bar than a protein bar (score!).My favorite is coconut almond - it legit tastes just like an almond joy! A little tip, try either putting them in the fridge or heating them up in the microwave.

You can only find these online at their website. I am starting to see these for purchase at some health food stores, so if you're lucky and find one - grab it to give it a try! Otherwise, they are frequently running sales and you can purchase a mixed box that gives you a variety of flavors to try!

Give these are all 3 a try! 

Have a protein bar you love that I didn't mention here? Don't be shy! Let us know in the comments!