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Mom's on the Go! Top 5 Tips to Limit Overeating in the Car

Apr 19, 2022

By Karli Alderson MD, Diplomat, American Board of Obesity Medicine

Every weight loss program says that you shouldn't eat in front of screens, but let's talk about the screen that few recognize...the car window --WHAT??

We snarf in calories in the car: meals, soda (lots and lots), candy and snack foods you can eat with one hand.  And, I won't even mention the dangers of eating, driving and car wrecks .

But, let's be realistic; sometimes you have to eat in the car.  Yes, I am talking to you, CEO of “Mom’s Shuttle Service".  So, here's 5 tips you can use to help the car food battle: 

  • Try to avoid eating while actually driving.  Wait until you arrive to eat.
  • Be prepared with snacks in the car just in case of hunger (portioned bags of nuts are perfect).

  • Bring a cooler with fresh fruit or veggie sticks for longer days.  Saves money AND you won't feel "gross" when you get home from all the junk food.

  • Unshelled sunflower seeds are great and help you stay awake but watch the sodium!    
  • Sucking on a mint, a Gobstopper, or Dum Dum can get you from one place to the other, but do note those are straight up sugar so a few can really add up and spike that insulin!  Count how many you plan to have and make them last (it could be a game - ex. you get a new one every 10 minutes).

The car can be such an eating trigger; I'll admit, it's my personal vice.  So, if the car has been your snack bar, it's time to reassess and make some new "rules of the road".

Huzzah to new habits!