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May 19, 2022

OK, soapbox time! One of our biggest pet peeves as weight management providers is when patients tell us they can't eat fruit because of "all the carbs." Yet, when we look at their food log, they have chips, pasta, crackers, and on and on.

What has the marketing giant done to us? We have vilified fruit: poor, helpless, beautiful, and delicious fruit. And, we are taking a stand 💪.

Yes, fruit has carbohydrates. But, it also has fiber, vitamins and minerals that you aren't getting in all of the processed "stuff" (I wanted to use another word but let's keep it professional 😳).

Actually, eating this fruit may actually be beneficial to weight loss, even with their carbs. A 2016 paper reviewed multiple studies looking at fruit intake and weight and found most (including the best designed studies) showed weight loss with fruit compared to other carbs.  Some actually showed improvement in waist circumference specifically 👏.

There are many proposed reasons for this outcome including the change in the gut microbiome and fullness.

A few interesting points:

  •  In one study, kiwi was found to be linked to weight gain 🤔
  •  Fruit juices usually do not support weight loss
  •  Processed fruits (think canned fruit) didn't seem to benefit weight loss.

You still need to track your fruit.  You can't go crazy...the calories will add up. But, don't for one second think that you can't eat an apple, pear, or banana and instead go for the chips. In the end, eating that fruit in theory will benefit your weight loss more.

We felt it fitting to give berries a specific shout out! They are overall low in calories, high in antioxidants (you know, those things that fight toxins and aging in the body 💪). They are the perfect addition to a healthy life. 

Berries can be expensive but keep an eye out at the grocery...those prices seem to change on a daily basis.  Sam's Club berries are almost always a great deal.

Sometimes berries are tart.  If you don't like them that way, try the following...

  •  add them to greek yogurt
  •  add to a salad as a topping
  •  buy them frozen and add to a smoothie
  •  add about a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips and a small dollop of lite whipped cream.  Feels like a fancy dessert that way (check out the video).

However you can get them in, try to make them a staple on your grocery list. Have a fabulous day!

Karli & Stephanie