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Why You Need to Get Uncomfortable to Lose Weight...

Mar 31, 2022

By Karli Alderson MD, Diplomat, American Board of Obesity Medicine

Let's get uncomfortable!

Let me clarify.  I am NOT talking about physical discomfort. This mantra is all about putting yourself out there, trying new things, being ok with reaching beyond your comfort zone with your weight loss. Remember, nothing will change if nothing changes.

Let's take a look at food: Trying new foods can be scary.  You may flashback to the days of your youth where Grandma popped something green in front of you and said, "Try it, you'll like it." did not. But, you are in control of what you try now: quinoa, eggplant, Brussels' sprouts.  Just because you didn't like them as a child doesn't mean they won't taste fantastic now!

Cooking: Discomfort can include new styles of cooking.  Have you tried Indian food?  It's amazing.  What about using the new air fryer that has been sitting in your closet for a year?

Physical Activity: I'm going to get a bit personal today and tell you how following this mantra changed my life.

In 2016, I was introduced to competitive tennis.  I never played in high school and am not really any good. But, I was asked to join a mixed doubles tennis team (where your double's partner is of the opposite sex).  And, my partner was going to be my dad!  

I was terrified!  I hated the idea of playing on a team and letting others down, especially my dad.  

Yes, there was stress and fear.  Did I make a fool out of myself?  Heck yes, many times. But, it also was one of the best times of my life.  Our team ended up winning districts (Kansas) and then won a 5-state sectionals tournament. This meant that I got to go to USTA nationals tennis in Tuscan, Arizona and play with my dad.  Talk about making memories!

Had I decided to stay comfortable, I would have never had those experiences, nor would I have come to enjoy tennis and the people I play with today (some are actually Prevail members and reading this). I am in better shape AND look forward to my physical activity.

What can you do? Consider walking a 5K, volunteering in a community garden, joining a bowling league. Or maybe it is just adding another 10 minutes a day to your walk. Yes, it would be more comfortable to stay at home, but don't miss out on life!  And, get healthier in return.

We know you have experienced discomfort and improved your health because of it. Or, maybe there is something you want to try but are afraid. It's ok! We want to hear these stories. Don't let me be the only one to share! Send us an email or leave a comment! 

Let's all get a little uncomfortable. Cheers to trying something new!