We help your employees take control and build healthy eating habits!

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Stephanie M.

2021 Prevail Graduate

Lost 10% of her bodyweight with Prevail!

" So many “ diets” end up making you feel deprived. Prevail encourages and celebrates all your victories! It’s very uplifting! Thank you Karli and Stephanie! "

What is Prevail?

Prevail is a 15-week online course to develop lifelong healthy eating habits!

We provide employees with the tools they need to be happy, healthy, and productive!

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Meet Jim

Lost 31 pounds with Prevail!


As medical providers specializing in obesity medicine we know those suffering from obesity have...

Increased Risk

Your team members suffering from obesity have increased risk for chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, and sleep apnea.

More Sick Days

Employees who are overweight or obese and have other chronic health issues miss around 450 million more days of work each year compared to their healthy workers (Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index data 2011).

Higher Health Care Costs

More than 1 in 3 American adults have prediabetes, and don't know it. Prediabetes puts you at risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. 

Just a small amount of weight loss can improve your team's health risks!


Just 2.5% weight loss can improve

  • Glycemic levels and  pre-diabetes.
  • PCOS and infertility

5-10% weight loss can improve:

  • Blood pressure
  • Fatty liver
  • Knee pain
  • Mobility
  • Urinary incontinence
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About us

As obesity medicine specialists, we know what works and what doesn't. 

We've helped thousands lose weight in our practice! We want to share our easy tips, recipes, and tools that have helped so many succeed, with your team!

We were born and raised in Topeka, KS. We know the hardworking lifestyle and taste preferences of our friends and neighbors. This is what makes us different!

Your organization's time and resources are valuable. Your team's success is personal to us and we would love to be a part of their wellness journey! 

Stephanie Sisk APRN (Left)  & Dr. Karli Alderson (Right)

We would love to join you!

We can either be a standalone or the perfect addition to your current wellness program. Our 15 week course is all online and at the employees own pace and time. As weight management specialists, we recognize the importance of keeping members engaged in their wellness which is why we made Prevail’s weekly videos and action items short, easy, and fun! We make sticking to it exciting and entertaining!

Audrey Q.

2021 Prevail Graduate

Lost 10% of her bodyweight with Prevail! 

"What surprised me with Prevail was how easy it was to accomplish, slow and steady!  I also loved that when I screwed up, it always seemed like the next day, one of you were there to tell me that it was ok, get going again, and Prevail!  You 2 made a difference for me!"

We care. Your employees will know YOU care when you offer Prevail.


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Prevail for Your Team


Everyone is unique in their wellness and health journey. The Prevail program goes at the employees own pace, is fun, and can be tailored to meet their needs with our weekly resources and community!

Short and fun weekly video lessons with 3 weekly action items keep employees engaged on what to work on. Your team's health will be top of mind with our Prevail Daily Tips to keep motivation high! 

We will come to you! Ask us about our lunch and learns (in person or virtual)!


Your team deserves a whole-person approach. From nutrition to emotional health, Prevail covers all the essential elements to be proactive in improving your health. your team members will feel empowered to take control of their health by the end of our 15 week course! 


Convenience means more than just downloading an app or logging in. It's about providing offerings that are proactive in engaging your team who needs wellness support the most, when they need it. 

Prevail is done entirely at their own time and pace for what works for them! We understand how busy life is. No messing around here. We keep things clear, simple, and to the point to make sure your team's time with us is worth it!


In a world of screens and tech, we've gotten away from the most important tool - human connection! Prevail was developed by two obesity medicine specialists. We understand how challenging making healthy changes can be. No judgement here. We empathize with our members and are here for them every step of the way. They will stay connected through our exclusive community, daily tips, and videos! We're sure your team will feel supported and feel they are going through the program with their best friends!

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Carol L.

2021 Prevail Graduate

“  I'm halfway through my second week and am feeling fantastic. The recipes on the Plan are tasty and nutritious. My diabetic husband is enjoying the food and his blood sugar is awesome.  He is using less insulin and we are both sleeping better! I think this can be my forever way of eating!!! I am grateful!!! ”

We make implementing Prevail easy to get started!

Prevail was developed to the support the needs of employers of all sizes. We do all the heavy lifting and make on-boarding easy with our 3-2-1 process! 

3 Months Prior

Send out our fun and inviting email flyers introducing your offer of Prevail to your team!

2 Months Prior

Send our motivating and welcoming materials to gain your team's interest in taking advantage of the opportunity of the program!

1 Month Prior

We'll provide weekly emails to get your team pumped up to join and start Prevail! 

Time to Prevail!

Your team will start Prevail and can continue to sign up throughout the year. Get ready to see results from your team with our quarterly engagement reports!

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