Making your weight loss treatment easier & more successful with Prevail

How to use Prevail in your practice.


  1. Your patient is ready to take your advice to lose weight 👏.
  2. Determine need for antiobesity medications and treat if appropriate.
  3. *Recommend patient join the Prevail Program for the education, motivation, and step-by-step instruction in realistic lifestyle change. 
  4. See patient once a month for weight & medication follow-up if applicable. We recommend using Prevail provider follow-up history forms for efficiency. Download below. 
  5. After patient graduates from Prevail (between 4-6 months from start), continue follow-up as appropriate. 
Prevail Office Follow-Up Form
Downloadable Patient Flyer

*Prevail is not recommend for use during pregnancy, breast-feeding, or if patient has a history of eating disorders. You, as the medical provider, should follow your patient closely if your patient is diabetic on medications which may cause hypoglycemia. As we recommend a healthy carb, higher protein diet, Prevail may not be appropriate for those with chronic renal failure, heart disease or heart failure without strict supervision by you.