"Just do it! It's worth it and you'll have learned a lot and be happier in the long run. I feel more confident, more assertive, and like this is actually something possible for me rather than impossible. I've got a lot more to lose, but I know I have the support I need from Karli, Stephanie and the Prevail community to continue to lose and get where I need to be. "

Christine W. 

Prevail Graduate. Lost 40 lbs with Prevail!

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What is Prevail?

Prevail is the Midwest's 15-week online course to healthy weight loss!

You can access Prevail through your mobile/tablet device or computer. 

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About Us

As obesity medicine specialists, we know what works and what doesn't. 

We've helped thousands lose weight in our practice! We want to share our easy tips, recipes, and tools that have helped so many succeed, with you!

We were born and raised in Topeka, KS. We know the hardworking lifestyle and taste preferences of our friends and neighbors. This is what makes us different!

Your time and money are valuable. Your success is personal to us and we would love to be a part of your weight loss journey!

Stephanie Sisk APRN (Left)  & Dr. Karli Alderson (Right)

How Does Prevail Work?

We've been there! It's challenging to stick to a program and healthy habits long term...

That's why Prevail uses weekly videos, action items, accountability check-ins, and daily tips to help you stay engaged and motivated!

Each Week

Weekly Check-ins

At the beginning of each week, complete your accountability check-in online!

Short & Fun Videos

Choose one day to watch your video lessons for the week and learn what you'll be working on. 

3 Weekly Action Items

No guessing what to work on. We tell you exactly what habits to focus on each week for longterm success!


Daily Prevail Tips

Start each morning in a healthy mindset with our daily tips and recipe ideas sent right to your email!


Join Karli & Stephanie as well as others going through the program in the private Facebook Community for Prevail members!

Track your Progress!

Improve your habits and the weight loss will follow! Track your progress as you work your way through our step-by-step program to longterm success!

Why does Prevail work?

We know strict diets don’t work. You’ll lose weight, burn out, and gain the weight back (no thanks!) We focus on building healthy habits versus strict diet rules to lose weight.

What will I eat?

We don't promote weird diet foods, complex recipes, food restrictions, or push our own food/meal replacements on you.

We keep it real and simple!

We’ll teach you how to eat a healthy balanced diet.  You’ll be eating foods you can find at your local grocery store! You’ll be surprised at just how simple and tasty the meals we recommend are.

Here’s some of our favorites!

Healthy Chicken Nuggets

Grilled Steak Dinner

Parmesan Tilapia

Start your day the Prevail way 😉

In addition to the weekly course and Facebook community, Prevail members receive daily emails with topics ranging from nutrition to humor (because who can't use a good laugh now and then).  Do you need more convincing?  Sign up here to get a taste of some of our emails.

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Additional meal and snack ideas: 

  • Slow Cooker Pork Open-faced Sandwich
  • Taco Soup
  • Easy Breakfast Sandwich 
  • Turkey Lasagna
  • Very Berry Overnight Oats
  • Blackbean Burger with Salad
  • Tuna Salad
  • Peanut butter chocolate protein balls
  • Turkey Wrap

Don't take our word for it! See what our graduates have to say about Prevail!

Stephanie M.

Lost 23 pounds with Prevail!

"So many “ diets” end up making you feel deprived, and Prevail encourages and celebrates all your victories! It’s very uplifting! Thank you Karli and Stephanie!"

Kelly J.

Lost 24 pounds with Prevail!

"That Prevail put me in charge of what I’m eating; it’s positive, realistic, and a fun program. Karli & Stephanie, thank you SO much!!"

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We understand it's a big purchase, but Prevail is worth every penny!  There is no monthly membership fee for the Prevail Program, so for a one-time fee, you get knowledge to last you a lifetime.

What are you waiting for?! It's time to start the last weight loss program you’ll ever need! 

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