The Prevail Program

We help your patients learn healthy eating habits.

Prevail was created with your primary care practice in mind!

With time constraints, it is hard to help your patients lose weight.
Let us help you.

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  • Your patients deserve to have their weight issues addressed by you.
  • You deserve the help to give your patients lasting weight loss.
  • With quality measures impacting reimbursement, you are being measured by your patients' success.
  1. Address your patients' weight and desire for change.
  2. Determine if anti-obesity medication is appropriate and treat.
  3. Encourage your patient to sign up for Prevail's 15-week course.
  4. Consider regular monthly follow-up with your patient while taking the Prevail course.
  5. Watch your patient improve their health and quality of life!

Start your day the Prevail way 😉

In addition to the weekly course and Facebook community, Prevail members enjoy daily emails with topics ranging from nutrition to humor (everyone needs to laugh here and there). See what kind of daily emails your patients will see.  Sign up here.

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Let your patients know about Prevail! 

Prevail flyers (5x7) available for download for your office. Flyers are available in color or black and white.

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